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Schweitzer Optics


Each company needs a stable, reliable basis on which she can rely. Schweitzer Optics considers traditions, uniqueness, attention to quality, employer’s boldness, innovation, absolute devotion to service functionality and production as key valuables directing all actions of the company. These principles were worked out inside the company Schweitzer Optics , and day by day they are embodied in practice by all our employees.


Schweitzer Optics is still the young company. But from the basis we think not only about the nearest five or ten years, but about the next generations.

Superior quality

Schweitzer Optics pays a great attention to notions about quality: it exceeds the limits of merely technical aspects. For us all complex is of importance: outstanding optics, functional capabilities, ergonomics, design, service – and all this should be ideally harmonized.

Eternal value

The true value of the product displays during its daily use. If you like the product, you often use it and it makes you happy for long years, that is the eternal value. The most of people selects Schweitzer Optics for these reasons: they know that this is the investment for all life.


The company Schweitzer Optics evaluates the boldness shown by employees when developing the best quality products. All who wants to create innovative products should constantly strive for new and new horizons, not to be sorry for time on development and choose unknown ways.


The client service is one of the main components of authenticity and recognition of the brand Schweitzer Optics, and at the highest level. Even when the trouble occurs, we guarantee that the repair will be carried out quickly and for a full satisfaction of the client.


Many our employees use Schweitzer Optics products almost daily, take them to the nature, during hunting or sport competitions. And this creates understanding of that it is an ideally operating product. Such knowledge is useful for the development of new products.

Innovations of Schweitzer Optics

“ Innovations, innovations and once more - innovations”

From the first day theses words became a motto of Schweitzer Optics. For us it also means aspiration to surpass to all expectations of clients and again and again surprise them: by our innovative technologies and full service.

Control system of quality

Having the purpose to guarantee invariably high degree of quality of all our production, we subject each product and each production stage to manual complex control of quality management. Also images and material for each product pass complete control.

Our innovations

Thanks to own R&D department of the company and numerous patents we continue to surprise you with innovations, for example: